King Lord Bryan Abou Chacra

I'm like Jack and Jill but I go up the hill.


My boyfriend went to Comic Con and borrowed my camera and when he gave it back to me and reviewed the pictures, there’s just this picture of Bryan from Mega64 taking a photo of himself.

I’m the Batman.

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Need your help!


Bryan won’t be able to record this week’s episode of the podcast, leaving Eric all alone.
Have any talking points? Something you want to hear about? Email us and Eric will probably definitely talk about it when he records tonight.

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Anonymous asked: Yo you got a favorite studio ghibli movie?

Giant God Warrior Appears in Tokyo.

Anonymous asked: Gaming Cult is the best podcast I have ever listened to, you should promote it more


You should promote it more.
Tell your friends.
Tell your friend’s friends.

Anonymous asked: Do you have a lot of pubic hair?

Get a fucking life or end the one your living.


Since our pals at Mega64 are huge fans of Dragon Ball Z, we asked them to do their own trailer edit for #BattleofGods hitting theaters August 5th. You won’t believe what happens next!

Click here to get your tickets to see Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods in theaters!

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15 minutes of Comic Con come say “bye”.

15 minutes of Comic Con come say “bye”.

Anonymous asked: You ever fuck a fat chick?


I’ll fuck anything that moves

Anonymous asked: what are your favorite types of tumblrs to follow?


Daddy Dom tumblrs on account of they make good photosets and also they tell you what they expect you to do when you meet up with them after their 4 and a half hour shift at Wetzel’s Pretzels is over.