King Lord Bryan Abou Chacra

I'm like Jack and Jill but I go up the hill.

Anonymous asked: You don't care about AMAs? That's like saying you don't care about interviews. Who cares who's asking the questions? Just gimme the dudes answers.

Most people ask stupid questions.

anton-jerkhov asked: Did you see RZA's AMA on reddit?

I don’t care about AMAs.

Anonymous asked: Did a guy actually follow you on twitter, take the time to look at who you follow, incorrectly not notice anyone black and thought "i better bring this to his attention, see what's up"

I truly hope so. With every fiber of my being I wish that scenario to be true.

notryanw asked: Would you go to one of those crazy Wu-Tang shows where you can only listen to their new album under the watch of guards at a museum? I'm not into Wu-Tang enough to actually get much out of hearing the album, but I love the idea and it sounds fascinating.

I like that they are doing something totally different I really respect that, but no. I wouldn’t go out of my way to go to a museum to listen to rap CD.

Anonymous asked: Penis Bailey or Lil' Dinky (aka Deff Janiels)?

Tom Hanks.

Anonymous asked: do u give relationship[ advice jordan


I’ll give you advice on anything, but I won’t promise it’ll be good.

Anonymous asked: Hey man, my house is annoying to get back to after I go to the bar, and last night I drank a bit too much and stumbled on home. About five minutes away from home, far away from any villages, I noticed someone was behind me, so I decided it'd be a good idea to light a cigarette and make sure they're not gonna kill me. They stopped in front of me and started talking to me, I realised it was an ex girlfriend, she had followed me for nearly 2 miles. Should I be calling the police?



Whistle MGMT next time.

Anonymous asked: noticed u dont follow a single black man on twitter

Then you suck at noticing. Please spend your time doing something else.

Anonymous asked: What do you think of this HBO go amazon prime deal? I think I'm getting amazon prime is what I think. Sincerely, amazon exec

Dear Amazon Exec,

Please buy me a PS4 and pay my rent forever.


King Lord Bryan

Anonymous asked: what are u exactly

I’m the Heisenberg.

The Go Home Show

—Episode 10


It’s Episode 10 of The Go Home Show.

In this episodeericbaudour and kinglordbryan discuss how NXT fits into the WWE Universe, Sheamus as the light alternative, the Cesaro face/heel timeline, what exactly is modified in the modified scorpion crosslock, and Grandpatista.

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gamuhguy asked: The only time I've ever been to San Diego was for SDCC 2012 and I had a lot of really good Mexican food while I was down there. Up here in Vancouver there is nothing in comparison. Is there anything you have eaten somewhere else that you haven't been able to replicate?

Thai food - San Francisco. 

Anonymous asked: Is Tom Hanks better than us just because he gets to be in the movies?

What if you’re Tom Hanks?