King Lord Bryan Abou Chacra

I'm like Jack and Jill but I go up the hill.

antonchigurgh asked: So it turns out I don't have the right package to watch RAW on TV, so I'll either have to pirate (which I hate doing) or just learn what happens through you guys. That being said, while I get why they needed to end Bo's streak, I'm dissapointed he ever got to 22 and Bo, because he'd be able to tell the crowd "The Undertaker should have BOLIEVED!" but whatever.


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Check it out tomorrow. It’s my favorite email.


Anonymous asked: Do you ever just fall into despair over the constant, exhausting immediacy of life? It's horrifying that we can't ever escape the present moment or call time-out.

That sounds like a really bad way to live, but I’m pretty sure you just described everybody who has anxiety. 

See attached photo.

See attached photo.

Anonymous asked: What're your top 3 graphic novels of all time?

Killing Joke
Long Halloween

Anonymous asked: You never watched "The Mole"?


Anonymous asked: What did you think of (HALO 4 legendary ending spoilers) Master Chief taking off his helmet at the end of Halo 4?

I stopped caring about Halo after the third game.

Anonymous asked: Let me know if you want the mole's autograph. I can get you the mole's autograph from the mole season 1. I'm friends with the mole.